1. Intro
  2. Lyublyu
  3. Volshebniki
  4. Tu mij
  5. Sneg
  6. Ne putaj
  7. A ya Plyvu
  8. Tvoe serce
  9. Odynokaya
  10. Prygadaj
  11. A meni b tudy
  12. Taxi

Today, on the 6 th of April, the diva of the Ukrainian music industry Irina Bilyk celebrates her birthday. On this day, she decided not to organise a big celebration, but instead, to present the album "Bez Grima" to all her fans.

According to Irina herself, she has been preparing this album for more than ten years. There are very important songs for the artist about the most frank feelings and the most sincere emotions.

— All the songs I write are about me. Everyone knows this. The songs in this album are addressed to a man. All of them. All words, all thoughts, all appeals. I wanted to call the subject "Without Makeup", because I want to bare my soul naked more quickly —, Irina Bilyk commented.

In the evening, in a close circle, the artist will show them an acoustic concert-presentation of the album "Bez Grima", accept her gifts and congratulations. All Irina's fans can watch this concert today on air on the M1 channel at 20.15.

The album "Bez Grima" will be released in the next few days — as of April 12 th it will be available in iTunes and Google Play, and the first ones will be available for subscribers of the official Irina Bilyk group "VKontakte" - https://vk.com/bilyk_irina https://vk.com/bilyk_irina.

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