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  2. Lyublyu
  3. Volshebniki
  4. Tu mij
  5. Sneg
  6. Ne putaj
  7. A ya Plyvu
  8. Tvoe serce
  9. Odynokaya
  10. Prygadaj
  11. A meni b tudy
  12. Taxi


28 Nov 2017

Друзья! Давно хотела поделиться с вами новостью и, наконец, могу рассказать! С 1 февраля стартует

6 Nov 2017
13 Sep 2017
1 Sep 2017

Появление Народной артистки Украины вызвало резонанс в паспортном столе. С Ириной захотели сфотогра

14 Jul 2017
Сегодня утром народная артистка Украины не смогла попасть на свой самолет, на котором Ирина и ее команда должны был
9 Jun 2017
The concert of the People's Artist of Ukraine was on the verge of cancellation due to the threats of « civilian activists », who accused the singer of having a pro-Russian position without a reason.
9 May 2017

Very soon, the "Shop" section will be available on the artist’s official website. Yet even now, the latest CD by Irina Bilyk "Bez Grima" (Without make-up), T-shirts and phone covers can be

6 Apr 2017

Today, on the 6 th of April, the diva of the Ukrainian music industry Irina Bilyk celebrates her birthday. On this day, she decided not to organise a big celebration, but instead, to present the album "Bez

17 Dec 2016

At the award ceremony of the M1 Music Awards, the Ukrainian pop diva invited a standing ovation in the hall through an incredible performance with the young artist Alekseev.

The magnificent performance began

17 Dec 2016

Especially for the presentation of a new video clip by Irina Bilyk, her husband, Aslan Akhmadov, came to Ukraine, giving her a surprise and supporting his beloved one.
On the first day

17 Dec 2016

Today, on December 1 st , the pop diva of the Ukrainian stage presented the long-awaited video for her new hit "Volshebniki" (The wizards)!

Immediately after presenting her new song "Volshebniki",

17 Dec 2016

The pop diva of the Ukrainian stage presented a 20-second video teaser for her new hit «Volshebniki».

Immediately after presenting her new song "Volshebniki", the words and music of

24 Nov 2016

Pop diva of Ukrainian show business shared what she thinks about the new law on quotas for Ukrainian music!

Irina Bilyk was one of the first artists in Ukrainian show business, who started

24 Nov 2016

The pop diva shared 5 little-known facts about herself.

Irina Bilyk is called the Ukrainian Madonna, thanks to an incredible number of hits, a frequent change of image and a great influence on Ukrainian

23 Nov 2016

Irina Bilyk attracted the attention of the audience of "Miss Blonde Ukraine - 2016" through her appearance on the red carpet: the pop diva was accompanied by former beloved ones, choreographer Dmitry Dikusar and showman

23 Nov 2016

Ukrainian pop diva presented a summer dance remix to its hit track "I still love him".

Very recently, Irina Bilyk's song "I Love Him Anyway" headed the main hit parade

15 Nov 2016

The pop diva of Ukrainian show business and the beloved singer of millions gave a magical gift to her fans.

Today, the magical day of the 11.11 saw the world premiere of the long-awaited single of

15 Nov 2016

Pop-diva Irina Bilyk visited the long-awaited concert of the group "VdohVydoh", in which her eldest son plays.

The star mother came to support Gleb's beginning band. As the artist herself

15 Nov 2016

Почему среди всех украинских артистов художник Нисинец решил запечатлеть именно Ирину Билык, рассказы

15 Nov 2016

Otdohni! Magazine no. 29, 15th July 2016

At the end of May, pop diva Irina Bilyk and her husband, Moscow producer and photographer Aslan Akhmadov, baptized their son - the six-month old Tabriz!

15 Nov 2016

За двадцать лет в шоу-бизнесе Ирина Билык приучила поклонников к своей открытости. Певица никогда не скры

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