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  • Ирина Билык
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  • 17/12/2016

Especially for the presentation of a new video clip by Irina Bilyk, her husband, Aslan Akhmadov, came to Ukraine, giving her a surprise and supporting his beloved one.
On the first day of winter, the pop diva of the Ukrainian stage released a new video for the song "Volshebniki" (The wizards). 

The story of the song is the story of Irina and Aslan, who live in different countries, are divided by borders, but they are united by love and the desire to be together and side by side. Sometimes this does not happen as often as they would like, which makes their meetings even more anticipated.  

During the video presentation, Aslan gave a series of interviews, encouraging people to watch and support the new video of Irina, and also spoke about their family life for the first time. The husband confessed that he cooks infrequently, but he loves to surprise his beloved one. And Irina herself shared an interesting story on this topic with the listeners:
«"My favorite dish, which Aslan once prepared, is a soup made of yogurt and cilantro. For an hour he was stirring the kefir on the stove! I thought to myself, what was he doing there for so long? Kefir curled up, and I even had to call my mother to find out the exact recipe, but in the end, the soup turned out delicious!"

We recall that on December 1st, the long-awaited premiere of the new video clip by Irina Bilyk, "Volshebniki", finally happened, which was directed by 23-year- old Ukrainian video clipmaker Yuri Dvizhona.

новый хит «Волшебники»

новый хит «Волшебники»

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