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  • News
  • Ирина Билык
  • 3248
  • 9/06/2017
The concert of the People's Artist of Ukraine was on the verge of cancellation due to the threats of « civilian activists », who accused the singer of having a pro-Russian position without a reason.

Unfortunately, such actions in relation to top Ukrainian artists are not new. Not averse to the twisting of facts, and even outright lies, provokers gather crowds in front concert venues. Thanks to the operative and professional actions of the Odessa police, the concert of Irina Bilyk has been saved. This was practically the first time in Ukraine, because most artists have had to cancel their concerts, to the great regret of their fans.

Yesterday, on June 8th, Irina Bilyk was supposed to perform at the opening of a restaurant in Odessa. By lunchtime, messages with calls to block this concert began to appear on social networks and on pages of "civil activists".

— “When I was on the road, friends and relatives began to call me and write to me”, Irina herself comments. “They said that they saw messages on social networks, that they were worried, they offered to cancel the concert. But how could I not perform in front of those people who came to me and wanted to listen to my music?

Activists densely surrounded the territory of the restaurant, shouted threats, provoked passers-by, attacked policemen and beat them with their feet. Strong, grown-up men did not consider the fact in the least that the audience gathered consisted mainly of women and young children.

— "I was not worried about myself, but first and foremost for the audience that came to my show, especially for mothers with young children," Ira commented. “After the second time I became mother, my attitude towards children became even more tremulous, and that is, to all of them.”

The artist’s producer, Oleg Zbarashchuk came out to the audience and asked why they demanded the cancellation of the concert. In response, Irina Bilyk was accused of a pro-Russian position, but no one could explain what exactly she had said.

Irina herself says that she gets so upset by the twisted news about her, that sometimes she prefers not to read the press. The singer is constantly accused of actions she did not do, often outright lies are published without the slightest proof.

— “Journalists are capable of a lot for the sake of loud headlines ... Yes, sometimes I go to Moscow to Aslan - my husband and father of my youngest son. But I did not give any concerts there. However, they say that I performed in the Kremlin at the anniversary of Lyudmila Gurchenko. And even in the Crimea, where I went to the wedding of a friend, I was supposedly on the jury on the "New Wave". Is it possible that these days, when everyone has a phone with a video camera, after performances at such major events, there would not be a single photo and not a single video, on which I sing on stage? I really love Ukraine, all my Ukrainian listeners, I want to give them my songs, my love and not be involved in all this lies and invented gossip...”

In spite of this, the performance was of the highest quality. The artist says that she has received an unforgettable pleasure from the concert and is looking forward to meeting her fans!



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