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  2. Lyublyu
  3. Volshebniki
  4. Tu mij
  5. Sneg
  6. Ne putaj
  7. A ya Plyvu
  8. Tvoe serce
  9. Odynokaya
  10. Prygadaj
  11. A meni b tudy
  12. Taxi

Irina Bilyk has started singing at the age of four, while she was also active in ballet anddancing. At the age of six she was already a member of the children's ensemble"Sonechko" and toured the USSR. As a 10-year- old girl, Irina wrote her first song. Inaddition to her studies at the theater studio, she devoted several years to studying at amusic school. Having reached adulthood, she began to teach music herself.

First album

In 1989, she entered the Kiev State Musical College of Gliere, specializing in "Performance vocals" and took part in the festival "Chervona Ruta". A year later, the singer performed at the festival "Spring Hopes". There she met musicians like Yuri Nikitin, Georgy Uchaykin and Jean Bolotov. Very soon, their common group saw the daylight, called "Tsey Dosh nadovgo". And in 1990 their first album "Kuvala Zozulya" was released.

First Professional Video

In 1992, Bilyk made her first professional video for the song "Lyshe Tvoya" and became the laureate of the international festival "Song Vernissage. The new Ukrainian wave". The following year she graduated from the musical college and took part in such festivals as "Maria" and "Slavianski Bazaar", where she performed the song "Nova" - a song, which in many aspects was new to the Ukrainian listener at the time. At the same time, Irina had a go as a TV presenter in the show "New Year's Night" on UT-1, and the members of the group "Tsey Dosh nadovgo", having become the management of Irina Bilyk, established the production agency "Nova". Soon afterwards, work on the next album “Ya roskazhu” was completed, which was released in 1994.


First Concert Tour

In 1995, the first tour not only in the history of the singer, but also in the history of Ukrainian pop music, has taken place under the title of "Nova". Irina gave her first solo show in the “Ukraine Palace” in Kyiv, which was sold-out. In the same year, according to the statistics of the American embassy in Ukraine, Irina Bilyk became the most popular singer in the country. Also, according to the results of a survey of journalists "Mystetsky tops rock-95" Irina was named the most notable figure in modern Ukrainian music.

Title as Merited Artist Of Ukraine

The year 1996 was a landmark for the singer: she received the title of Merited Artist of Ukraine. The best song of that year was her song "Tak Prosto". Furthermore, Irina took part in another festival "Tavriyskie igry", where she received awards in the field of contemporary Ukrainian music and mass entertainment "Zolota Zharptytsya" in the nomination of "The Singer of the Year" and "The Song of the Year". A year later Bilyk received the Grand Prix of the “Hit-Parade Parade” Festival.

Second All-Ukrainian tour By Irina Bilyk

In 1997 the second all-Ukrainian concert tour of Bilyk "Tak Prosto" took place. In that period, Irina gave 38 concerts in the largest cities of the country. This time, her performances in the "Ukraine Palace” were sold out for 2 days in a row, and the tour was nominated for the "Event of the Year" award in the field of modern Ukrainian music and mass entertainment "Zolota Zharptytsya". Bilyk received two further awards in the nominations as "The Singer of the Year" and "The Album of the Year" ("Tak Prosto"). In the same year, her new album "Farby" was released. On the territory of Ukraine alone it has sold more than 1 000 000 copies.

Third Concert Tour

In 1998, Ukraine saw the third concert tour of Bilyk together with singer Linda and Max Fadeyev, entitled “Farby Neba”. The concerts took place in sports palaces and stadiums, and gathered a record audience. Irina once again won awards in the field of contemporary music and mass entertainment "Zolota Zharptytsya" in the nominations of "Singer of the Year" and "Album of the Year" ("Farby").

For the 10th anniversary of her creative and professional activities, Bilyk published a collection "Krashche: 1988-1998". The following year she won in the nominations "Best singer", "Best album" ("Farby") and "Best video clip" ("A ya plyvu") at the Nova awards ceremony. Yet the main gift of destiny in 1999 were not the titles received, but the birth of her son Gleb. His father, Andrey Overchuk, was Irina's loved person at the time.

New Album Release "Oma"

In 2000, her new album "OMA" was released, after which the singer gave two sold-out concerts with the same name in the “Ukraine Palace” in Kyiv and released her own clothing collection "OMA", making her debut as a fashion designer. Also, in the autumn she toured the western part of the country with the tour "Bez Nazvy".

In 2002, Bilyk pleased listeners with a new Polish album called "Bilyk" and became the recipient of the "Pochesny Yakh" award in the "Discovery of the Year" nomination at the Polish "Yach Film" festival.

In 2003, Irina released the album "Bilyk. Kraina ", and understood a concert tour through Ukraine in its support. Concerts were fully sold-out.

New Stage In Irina Bilyk’s Creative Work

The year of 2004 can be considered as a new stage in the creative work of Irina Bilyk. She recorded the first Russian-language album "Lubov’. Yad ", which has sold 100 000 copies in the first 10 days and received the status of" platinum". The song "Sneg" was heard for the first time at the "SV-show Verka Serduchka" on the 1 + 1 channel and has immediately won over the hearts of millions of listeners of Ukraine. This was the first song, performed and recorded by Irina Bilyk in Russian. The videoclip for the song "Sneg” at the same time became one of the first videos works by the now renowed clipmaker Alan Badoev.


Release Of Mp3 Collection „Navsegda“

In 2006 the mp3 collection called "Navsegda" (Forever) was released, which included 8 albums and a lead bonus track. Later, the singer released an album for the upcoming charity tour "It is so easy to help", which received the same symbolic name. The tour started in autumn and covered 24 regional centers of Ukraine, where her beloved Dmitriy Kolyadenko and his show-ballet went along with Irina. In this time, the team collected more than 250 000 hryvnas, which were transferred to the Kyiv international charitable foundation "Father's House". In addition, Irina invited 13 homeless children to take part in her video “Ryabina Alaya” (Tender Scarlet). And during the final concerts of the tour in Kyiv Bilyk invited children from the orphanage to the concerts and shared the stage with them. In the same year, she became the best performer according to Showbiz Awards and received an award from the radio station "Hit-FM" in the category "Singer of the Year".

Taking Part In The TV Project "Dancing With The Stars-2"

In 2007, Bilyk took part in the television project "Dancing with the Stars-2", where, this time, she presented herself to the audience as a talented dancer. The show presented Irina the fateful acquaintance with her dance partner Dmitry Dikusar.

Title As People's Artist Of Ukraine

In August 2008, Irina Bilyk was granted the title of People's Artist of Ukraine. Having achieved the highest measure of recognition, the singer does not consider success as her personal merit. My fans helped me achieve what I have now". These words are a confirmation of her gratitude to the audience. And that autumn Irina travelled through cities of Ukraine with the concert program called "20 years together". This time, in addition to lyrical compositions and popular songs, the audience was surprised by Irina's emotional poems, which she dared to read before the whole country. Original outfits by fashion designer Sergei Ermakov must be noted. The tour was a great success, and even at its end, requests for additional concerts were received. However, Bilyk's efforts were channelled in another direction. A collection of her best hits "Navsegda" (Forever), as well as a video for her new song "Podaru tebe" (I will give you) were released. And by New Year, Irina Bilyk made her fans a long-awaited gift: she released a new CD "Na bis!" (Encore). It included 16 compositions, among which the most highly rated were "Mir ne znaet" (The world does not know), "Ya podaru tebe" (I will give you) and "Lubov, kotoruyu ya vam podarila" (The love that I gave you).

Song By Irina Bilyk "Sneg" (Snow)

In 2011, Irina Bilyk's song "Sneg" (Snow) performed by the King of the Russian stage Philip Kirkorov was awarded the Golden Gramophone Award in Moscow! And in April 2012, on the eve of Kirkorov's 45th birthday, the First Channel (Russia) hosted a special episode of the popular television show "The Property of the Republic." As a result of the popular vote, the song "Snow" was named Philip Kirkorov's best song of his entire career!

Irina Bilyk Has Become The Star Trainer In The TV Show "Battle Of Choirs"

The year 2013 was very eventful for the singer. In the spring, Irina Bilyk and the band "TIK" got into the Book of Records of Ukraine, giving 24 concerts in 30 days within the framework of the all-Ukrainian tour "Best Ukrainian Hits"! Her song "My budem vmeste" (We will be together) was included in the top 10 most downloaded melodies in Russia and took the honorary 8th place! Irina mastered the Internet, became an active user, and the number of her fans on facebook that year reached 40,000 users!

The star also travelled to Moscow for a visit to the program of Natasha Koroleva and her mother Luda "Time to Dine" and beat the professional chef! In 2013 Irina travelled a lot. She visited the Czech Republic and Greece, Sardinia and the famous Hungarian lake of Héviz, travelled to Spain and went to Crete for a visit to Philip Kirkorov, where she met his children Alla Victoria and Martin.

In autumn Irina Bilyk became the start trainer of the TV show Battle of Choirs point where's her male team from Sevastopol she got to the final round. In December another scandal happened, of which Bilyk was the main heroine. The singer went to court to defend her rights and honest name is what was one of the first Ukrainian celebrities to win a court case against the yellow press and punished bad-meaning journalists.

Bilyk'S Hit "TAXI" Reaches First Place

In 2014 Bilyk's hit song "Taxi" takes up the first place in Ukrainian charts for a record of six months! On her birthday on the 6th of April, the star arranges a grand charity concert and presents her own fragrance: "IraBi", after her name. Irina writes a duet with Boris Moiseyev for the song "Ne Vazhno" (Does not matter) and shoots a video with the well-known Moscow clipmaker Aslan Akhmadov! In July, the singer visited the contest of "Slavianski Bazaar", where she became a member of the international jury from Ukraine and made her debut in Jurmala on the "New Wave". In the summer of the same year, Irina Bilyk announced the termination of cooperation with producer Yuri Nikitin and at the same time announced her new album "Zarya" (Dawn) over the Internet. The presentation of the long-awaited album "Dawn" took place in September, at 6.30 am on the roof of a fashionable hotel in the heart of Kyiv. The same day, the star presented her new website.

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